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City Of Philadelphia Says Over 35,000 Hit In May 2023 Breach News 

The City of Philadelphia disclosed a significant data breach that affected over 35,000 individuals, impacting both personal and protected health information. Here are the key details from the incident:

  1. Breach Timeline and Access: Attackers gained access to multiple email accounts between May 26, 2023, and July 28, 2023. During this period, they were able to compromise sensitive information.
  2. Types of Information Exposed: The breached data included:
    • Demographic Information: Names, addresses, dates of birth, and other contact details.
    • Social Security Numbers and other identifying information.
    • Medical Information: Diagnosis, treatment-related details, and other medical data.
    • Limited Financial Information: Claims information.
  3. Number of Affected Individuals: A total of 35,881 individuals were affected by the breach.
  4. Notification and Response: The City began notifying affected individuals promptly:
    • Individuals whose personal data (including Social Security numbers and financial

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