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Hello Cyberwarriors! I'm aware of a website where you can access the Google Leak, but I doubt it will stay online for long. That's why I've taken the initiative to download the entire website and upload it to the cloud. You can download everything for free, and if you need assistance with anything, feel free to reach out to me. Download Link: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Password for and the zip file: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** The link will expire in 7 days!
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Sensitive information of 81.5 crore Indians has allegedly surfaced on the dark web, marking a significant data breach. Reportedly, the stolen data includes Aadhaar and passport details, names, phone numbers, and both temporary and permanent addresses of millions of Indians. A US-based cybersecurity agency called Resecurity has posted a detailed report about the breach. According to the agency, a hacker using the name ‘pwn0001’ disclosed details about the breach on Breach Forums on October 9. They advertised the availability of 815 million records (81.5 crore). So far, there’s no official confirmation about the data breach from the government.
ProRat is a Remote Administration Tool written in C, and capable of working with all Windows OS. ProRat was designed to allow users to control their own computers remotely from other computers. However, attackers have co-opted it for their own nefarious purposes. Some hackers take control of remote computer systems to conduct a denial of service (DoS) attack, which renders the target system unavailable for normal personal or business uses.
In a coordinated message, GLORIAMIST, LAPSUS, and Anonymous groups have issued a statement regarding their forthcoming action targeting the French Ministry of Agriculture’s database. They have announced their intention to release a portion of this extensive database to the public, with only 5% of its contents being made available as a preview. This announcement signals a significant cybersecurity threat and underscores the scale of the database breach.
MITRE's Recent Network Review and Response MITRE, a key organization involved in federal research and development for the US government, recently conducted a thorough review of one of its network systems due to a detected security concern. The review focused on the Networking Experimentation, Research and Virtualization Environment (NERVE), which was temporarily deactivated to ensure comprehensive analysis. The proactive network analysis was initiated when MITRE observed irregular activity in early April. Immediate measures were implemented to address the situation, which included temporarily deactivating the NERVE network to facilitate a detailed investigation supported by MITRE’s internal team alongside recognized external experts...
Flagstar Bank is warning that over 800,000 US customers had their personal information stolen by cybercriminals due to a breach at a third-party service provider. Flagstar, now owned by the New York Community Bank, is a Michigan-based financial services provider that, before its acquisition last year, was one of the largest banks in the United States, having total assets of over $31 billion. A data breach notification sent to impacted customers explains that Flagstar was indirectly impacted by Fiserv, a vendor it uses for payment processing and mobile banking services. Fiserv was breached in the widespread CLOP MOVEit Transfer data theft attacks that have impacted over 64 million people and two thousand organizations worldwide...
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