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  1. "🔴 Breaking News: Samsung Uk Online Store Data Breach 🔴News 

    On November 13, 2023, Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited discovered a significant data breach affecting customers who made purchases on their online store between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020. The breach was attributed to the exploitation of a vulnerability in a third-party application. The...
  2. User69

    Attackers Infect .Net Developers Via Nuget RepositoryNews 

    A recent security incident has exposed a serious vulnerability in the NuGet repository, a popular source of .NET packages for developers. According to a report by security firm ReversingLabs, attackers have been uploading malicious packages to the repository, disguised as legitimate ones, and...
  3. xkcd

    Kaspersky Discovers 4 Year Old Ios AptNews 

    Operation Triangulation: iOS devices targeted with previously unknown malware
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