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  1. S7112

    China Database April12News 

    you are welcome Download link
  2. echospark4

    Osı Your New Database Search Engine!Request 

    Taking a Look at OSINTLeak: So, there's this tool called OSINTLeak that's been catching some eyes in the cybersecurity world, and for good reasons. If you're into digging up digital dirt or just curious about the digital traces people leave online, OSINTLeak is like a treasure chest waiting to...
  3. MrOberon

    Need Turkey E-Okul/E-School Data , Picture DataQuestions 

    Anyone have Turkey E-Okul/E-School Data , Picture Data? Can dm me or publish for FREE please?
  4. Raxlily

    How To Rat The Insurer?Cloud 

    How to rat the insurer? *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  5. 54l7

    Naz.apı Data SetRequest 

    There is a few posts here with the Naz.API data set but with broken links or no links. Can anyone post the verified data set here? Appreciate the kindness.
  6. TestRequest 

    test123123Test if I can post
  7. Need Kyc DataRequest 

    need kyc data
  8. Need Data About Cricket Sport In IndiaCloud 

    I need data about cricket sport in India
  9. Turkish DataMix 

    I need the data of the Turkish hosting company Natro, which was hacked in 2019
  10. Anyone Have The "Isimtescil" And "Natro" Data Of A Turkish Hosting Company?Cloud 

    It was hacked in 2019 and shared on a Turkish forum called Spyhackerz and was later removed and is not available anywhere else. I need this data. Can anyone help me? hack and db mirror; hacked news...
  11. Turkey Traffic Accidents DataRequest 

    Does anyone have data on traffic accidents in Turkey?
  12. No Bounce 88K Email (10/2023)Csv Valid Credits 

    Data From All bounce cleaned. -=Stripped Content=-
  13. Wukong

    Comprehensive DatabaseCloud 

    I only need Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan. Data for Korea. No need to say more Payment via cryptocurrency (USDT, BTC) Please leave your telegram method. I will reply as soon as possible
  14. immortal91

    All Data On People Living In The Usa (Torrent Url) 30Gb CompressedXlsx 

    Magnet url 🧲 Or copy below link and paste it in torrent (add via link /url)...
  15. Url-Username-Password Lınes For 2.2M Around My Dear FrıendsLogs 

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** have a nice day guys
  16. hiep1408

    Data Express DeliveryQuestions 

    I need data express delivery in VietNam
  17. BrotatoBase

    4.2 Mix Data (Full Valid)EU Usa Valid Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - 4.2k_valid_mix_data.txt - Download tg - @brotatoLPD
  18. BrotatoBase

    Chinese Student Data(Education System Of China) Cardno+Name+Mobile+AddressShop 

    UPLOAD.EE - Chinese_student_data.xlsx - Download
  19. BrotatoBase

    Valid Mix Eu Usa Access MailEU Usa Mail:Pass Valid Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - mix_usa_eu.txt - Download /del We emphasize the most important rules of this community, advertising is prohibited, data related to Russia is prohibited, and we do not have and will not have a trading platform. You can only put 15 likes per day. You can share your leaks...
  20. BrotatoBase

    Mix Valid By Brotatolpd Access Mails Free DataEU Usa Mail:Pass Valid Mix Shop 

    UPLOAD.EE - Mix_Valid__1381_.txt - Download tg-@brotatoLPD
  21. lanamagdy90

    Country Data From Linkedin

    Country data from Linkedin -=Stripped Content=-
  22. nelzi Database LeakedNo Pass 

    Download : -=Stripped Content=- Size : 6.6 GB
  23. alph03

    Does Anyone Have Zap-Hosting Data Breach ?News 

    i have seen the have been hacked In November 2021. and their was a data breach that exposed over 60GB of data containing 746k unique email addresses. if you have something that would be really nice.
  24. Sonus75

    Exactis Database, PartialCloud 

    Exactis Database, Partial 2.01 GB file on MEGA -=Stripped Content=-
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