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  1. Usa Doctor Database Leak - 2MCloud 

    USA DOCTOR DATABASE LEAK - 2M SIZE : 230 MB LINES : 2256044 DOWNLOAD LINK : -=Stripped Content=-
  2. Israel Cıtızen Database LeakCloud 

    ISRAEL CITIZEN DATABASE SIZE : 488MB LINES : 3956429 DOWNLOAD LINK : -=Stripped Content=-
  3. I Would Like To Have The 815Million Leaked Aadhar Card Details Occured In IndiaQuestions 

    I am looking for this my whole life i can give 8credits for this
  4. ThanksNews 

    Thanks for forum, i am from brazilian <3
  5. Us Data Available For Verification Dob SsnRequest 

    Tim Jones“1101 Shoal Run Trail”BIRMINGHAM“AL”35242“2057572449”1987-11-16“418350542”
  6. Looking For Twitter StuffRequest 

    I am looking for any database, scraped data, or whatever for Twitter. I already have the 200m from 2023 and the 5m from 2022, looking for more @muffle on @fbi_gov @leakbase_official , thank you
  7. JoshKong

    Combolist CcCloud 

  8. Share Some ComboMix 

  9. 55 Million Smart Nıd CardsRequest 

    Does anyone have the NID database of Bangladesh?
  10. UCHER Leaked!Cloud 

    -=Stripped Content=- here are the list of tables from the databases and here is a sample Have Fun!! #AX1L
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