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  1. [Italy] Sql (2024)Sql EU Hash Mix SQL dump 05.2024 (107MB accounts, contacts, users, emails ) users with hashed passwords -=Stripped Content=-
  2. Neo24.Pl Database - Email:pass:name:phoneClosed Link Dead 

    CLOSED closed
  3. NumberPass

    I Need Num:pass DumpRequest 

    Hello , I am constantly looking for numbers and pass lines where I can do business I want fresh unsold custom dumpsters Please submit test first TG : numberrpass
  4. 500Px 14.9M Leaked Database

    -=Stripped Content=- Suggest a decent file sharing website plz : )
  5. Kayzeu U

    French Database Private 2014 Compagnon Du DevoirHash 

    Date of Dump: 23/12/2014 Contain: `id`, `passwd`, `society`, `last name`, `name`, `address`, `Zip Code`, `City`, `Country`, `tel`, `fax`, `email`, `site`, `activite`, `activite2`, `visites`, `datevisite Sample: 870, 'samigu', '', 'SABLE', 'Michel', '6, avenue Marengo', '77500', 'Chelles'...
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