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  1. Library DataMix 

    Contains Mails, Passwords and Many Useful Data...
  2. XD-0

    14 Dehashed Databases 🇨🇳Cloud Mix 

    [ 14 Dehashed Databases 🇨🇳 ] ========================== [ Downloads: Link ] ========================== [ @fbi_gov @leakbase_official : @clean_tools_net ] ==========================
  3. J3N1N


    Domain : Leak Date : 2022 Download link : -=Stripped Content=-
  4. Fsbcash

    Leads Spain Individuals Complete Data ShopEU Cloud 

    Sample: particulares.xlsx
  5. echospark4

    Osı Your New Database Search Engine!Request 

    Taking a Look at OSINTLeak: So, there's this tool called OSINTLeak that's been catching some eyes in the cybersecurity world, and for good reasons. If you're into digging up digital dirt or just curious about the digital traces people leave online, OSINTLeak is like a treasure chest waiting to...
  6. Prıvate DatabasesEU Valid Mix and some spain dbs
  7. kr4k3nb1t3

    Leads Potential Customers From Europe For SpammersCloud 

    I have good databases of potential clients to spam them. The data is recent, from the latest databases that I obtained myself. Each line includes: First name, Last name, Address, Country, ID, Bank, Iban, Telephone number, email. There is with the same data mentioned above more company...

    Mıx Base Facebook Twıtter Games PsnMail:Pass 

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** PL GMAIL DE FR CZ EU AO MIX BASE FACEBOOK TWITTER GAMES PSN
  9. brembo


  10. BrotatoBase

    Fresh Europe Mix Mail Pass By BrotatolpdEU Mail:Pass Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - eu_mix_.txt - Download tg - @brotatoLPD tg - @brotatoadm
  11. BrotatoBase

    Fresh Megavalıd Databases (Access Maıl) By BrotatolpdEU Mail:Pass Valid Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - 26.6k_valid.txt - Download tg-@brotatoadm tg-@brotatoLPD
  12. BrotatoBase

    48K Fresh Valid Data By BrotatolpdEU Mail:Pass Valid Cloud 

    UPLOAD.EE - 48k_valid_data.txt - Download tg - @brotatoadm tg - @brotatoLPD
  13. BrotatoBase

    Fresh Valid Mix 28.07Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - mix_.txt - Download tg - @brotatoadm tg - @brotatoLPD
  14. BrotatoBase

    Fresh Mix Base 99% ValidMail:Pass Valid Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - mix.txt - Download tg - @brotatoadm
  15. BrotatoBase

    250K+ Valid CombolistEU Usa Mail:Pass Valid Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - 253k_usa_by_brotatoLPD.txt - Download
  16. BrotatoBase

    69K Usa Valid CombolistRequest 

    UPLOAD.EE - 69k_usa_by_brotatoLPD.txt - Download
  17. BrotatoBase

    11.5 Mix CombolistEU Log:Pass Mail:Pass Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - 11.5K.txt - Download
  18. BrotatoBase

    33K Valid DatabasesEU Usa Mail:Pass Valid Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - 33K.txt - Download
  19. BrotatoBase

    5.7K Lines Db MixEU Usa Mail:Pass Mix 

    UPLOAD.EE - 5.7K_valid.by_brotatoLPD.txt - Download
  20. GhostSec

    Cuban Government Leak!Doc Csv 

    Link to leak: OpCuba.rar - AnonFiles Direct link to @fbi_gov @leakbase_official : GhostSec Castroooo, Oh castrooo <3 Your regime will collapse and we continue to push with the freedom fighters and brave warriors of Cuba! Coming with todays post is a lovely and large leak with a size of 6.35Gb...
  21. NuLz404

    Database No Pass Mix Credits 

    Database Leaked by NuLz404
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