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  1. Skunk#1 Data 41.700 Students/China.Xlsx Csv Mix 

    LEAKS: DATE: 08.06.24 INDUMP: 41.700 Students INLINE: id student_id name headimgurl serial campus_id campus_id_copy status trystatus trystatus_date is_exception_out qrcode birthday sex smstel open_id_back created_at updated_at smstel open_id FORMAT: XLSX / CSV FORMAT FILE...
  2. China - Household Registration Data / 6M / CsvMix 

    Rows: 6 Million Country: China Format: csv Data Fields: Affiliated, Household Registration Station, Statistical Time, Residential, Address, Code Number, Date of Birth, Gender, ID Card, Name, Mobile Number, Address, Code -=Stripped Content=-
  3. China - Online Matchmaking Platform / / Fulldump / 21M / CsvCloud 

    China - Online Matchmaking Platform / / FullDump / 21M / csv Format: csv Country: China Rows: 21M Data Fields: "id", "email", "username", "realname", "password", "avatar", "gender", "newbie", "mobilephone", "qqmail", "money", "score", "zipcode", "address", "city_id", "enable"...
  4. Need Data From China Online Lending PlatformQuestions 

    If you need the database of China's online lending platform, please contact @fbi_gov me if you can get website data or database. Long-term cooperation.
  5. Requires Cooperation With Online Loan DatabaseRequest 

    We need multiple Chinese online loan databases and can get the boss of the website database to cooperate. We need data for the long term. Competent hackers please contact @fbi_gov me.
  6. Букмекер13

    100K China Num:pass #1

    -=Stripped Content=-
  7. Букмекер13

    100K ChinaNum:Pass 

    Num:pass - 100k Coynt - China -=Stripped Content=-
  8. kaonSec

    Ccp Members Info Leak (Chına)

    here are more than 1.9M ccp members leak including xi info -=Stripped Content=-
  9. letbosspay

    720M Qq Mobilenumber Sql[/REPLYTHANKS]In 2020 there was a huge leak of Chinese data on one of the biggest platforms.
  10. kksingerdog

    Looking For Fresh China DatabaseRequest 

    Need infiltration technician to help us get a database of casino sites from China Going Deeper at TG @TJTSMS_EN Very high budget depending on database size
  11. 11K Idcard Chinese - Chinese Database LeakNo Pass Credits 

    11K Photos ID Card Chinese✅ 👉11,126 Photos ID Card ❤️❤️❤️💰💰💰 Download: -=Stripped Content=-
  12. Id Number Chinese - Chinese Database Leaks

    Database ID Number nationality,lastName,firstName,idType,idNumber CN,冯,路,nationalid,360312199101090530 CN,欧,志婷,nationalid,44082319950618032X CN,赵,静,nationalid,410622199310275025 CN,赵,晓娟,nationalid,140202198702084028 ❤️❤️❤️💰💰💰 Download: -=Stripped Content=-
  13. OrderCheck

    YUE.COM 2.2M [china]Mail:Pass 

    YUE.COM 2.2M rows Geo: China -=Stripped Content=-
  14. Chucky


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